Library shows off new technology

The Portage Lake Library in Houghton is always looking for ways to improve their facility.

With new forms of technology available, learning a new language or video–chatting with Fortune 500 companies are becoming readily accessible to anyone.

Going to the library used to mean just going to sit down on a comfy chair and read a book. But in today’s society, where technology allows people to have the world at their fingertips, Portage Lake Library is getting in on the action.

The library held a technology open house Wednesday to introduce some of the new programs.

Library Director Shawn Leche says for those who want to teach their children a new language, the library has a program for that.

“We’ve just added a new component called Little Pim which is for two year olds through eight year olds so that they can learn a language the way they would if they were living abroad in hearing the language and that’s the way you learn a language the best,” he said.

But what if someone can’t come to the library?  The new library database allows patrons to download their entire listing, and then with no need for a Wi-Fi connection, browse books from their home computer and look at things like the first page and the table of contents.

“And if you like it, all you do is click ‘add’ and the next morning, we pull it from the shelf, call you and tell you your book’s in,” Leche said.

Leche also said their biggest addition is the new telecommunications center which allows face–to–face conference calls to anywhere in the world with no delays in sound or picture.