Ishpeming continues superintendent search

One priority on the Ishpeming Board of Education meeting Monday night was searching for a new superintendent.

The superintendent left last year and a part–time temporary superintendent was  hired.  The Board of Education President said the work load is just too heavy, and a new full time superintendent is needed to oversee the district.

The district consists of around 900 students.

“We’re always trying to recruit and make our school a destination school for students to want to come to, so again, I think that is one of our big criteria,” Ishpeming Board of Education President Geno Miano said.  “Someone that is good at recruiting and working with the community and bringing in more student.  They are more of a people person and a procedure person, not so much of a number cruncher.”

The Ishpeming Board of Education will work with the Michigan Association of School Boards to fill the position.

The board is hoping to fill the position the beginning of next year, and at the very latest in time for the 2014 school year.