Possible meth lab dump site found in Marquette

Police from the Marquette Police Department say a possible meth dump site was reported Thursday in the city.

A citizen who discovered the dump site called police.  Officers responded to the site off trail #8, about 500 feet west of M-553 at about 2:30 p.m Thursday.

Police discovered a white bag filled with meth components that had been discarded along the trail.   The Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team assisted in the clean up and in the investigation of the incident.

Marquette Police and UPSET have responded to 11 meth incidents since the beginning of 2013.

Marquette Police Department Detective Captain Gordy Warchock says meth dump sites are a common byproduct of meth manufacturing.  He says they are extremely dangerous to handle and cause environmental problems.

The items used in meth manufacturing may incllude plastic tubing, stripped batteries, fertilizer, Coleman fuel cans and soda bottle with liquids.

Warchock emphasizes that anyone who happens upon a possible meth dump site should contact police immediately – and not touch any of the components.