Unique foods at NMU’s Hunters’ Feast

The firearm deer season in Michigan starts Friday, but Northern Michigan University Food Services got into the spirit a day early.

Students, residents, and faculty were lined up at the Wildcat Den for a Hunters’ Feast with a menu that included elk burgers and venison chili.

The feast had many popular dishes that were familiar to some and new adventures for others.

“The rabbit tenders have been extremely popular, they’re breaded then they are dipped in a honey –mustard egg–wash, then we just fry them real quick.  They are crispy and a little sweet and have some flavor to them.  They are really good farm–raised tenders, they are super tender and just really delicious,” NMU’s Operation Manager Eric Moe said.

“So far I have the antelope, I decided to try it because I’ve never had antelope before and it seemed interesting,” NMU student Nikki Davis said.

“I have rabbit tenders and boars sausage, as a hunter I eat rabbit all year round,” NMU student Eric Enzenberger said.  “I like it because it has a different flavor than food you buy in the store.”

The menu items from the Hunters’ Feast will also be entered into the National Association of College and University Food Service competition.  Last year, the NMU team won a silver award for residential dining, and this year the team is hoping for a first place award.