Wolf management for Isle Royale discussed

With the U.P. wolf hunt coming up on Friday, the National Park Service held a public meeting Tuesday to discuss wolf management at Isle Royale National Park and other topics.

The National Park Service held the public meeting to discuss the situation on Isle Royale National Park in regards to the dwindling wolf population. Some aren’t worried about it but the majority feel that the wolves are a big part of the park. Interpretation and Cultural Resources Chief Liz Valencia says these meetings are very important for the people.

“We invite people and we welcome people to come to these kinds of public meetings because it’s our chance ot talk to the public,” Valencia said.

Also discussed at the meetings were the cultural resources at Isle Royale National Park. The presentation featured a slide show of the history behind the park and attendees had the opportunity to go around the room and view exhibits. Valencia also says contributions from the public show the vested interest that the community has in the park.

“We really want that input and find out what people think, what they have for ideas on how we should manage the park whether it be wolves or cultural resources or something else,” Valencia said.

The NPS strongly recommends that people educate themselves about the park because it belongs to the public.