Students hear strong anti-bullying message

A strong anti–bullying message was part of the lesson plan Wednesday at North Star Academy in Marquette County.

Students not only saw a fun martial arts demonstration, but they also learned about the message behind it.

World Champion Martial Artist Mariah Moore was at the school this morning to deliver her unique presentation about bullying.

It’s called  “Enough is Enough.”

Her message came through loud and clear to the students.

“If you’re a victim to bullying, tell someone you trust,” Moore said. “Tell a parent, a teacher, a brother or sister – someone – because they cannot help you if you do not tell them.”

“She gives a rocking martial art demonstration which really draws in the kids, and then she delivers her message through her own personal story, and it’s really powerful,” Gwinn resident Catherine Quayle said.  Quayle helped to plan and fundraise for the event.

“The program was available for all schools in the area, so I talked to the principals. They were very interested, and obviously it was very well received,” North Star Academy’s CEO Superintendent Karen Anderson said.

Moore’s presentation also featured student participation and provided positive encouragement.

“Not only can they do anything they set their mind too, they can be anything they want to be and do anything they want to do if they’re willing to dream really big and believe in themselves,” Moore said.  “And most importantly, work hard.”

North Star was the fourth of twelve schools in the Marquette area to host the presentation.

Moore will be touring the area through Tuesday.