‘Les Miserables’ comes to Marquette

A bit of Broadway hits Marquette this week.

The hit musical Les Miserables opens at the Forest Roberts Theater Wednesday.

Les Miserables is the longest running musical in the U.S.  It has been seen by more than 65 million people worldwide.

Included in the cast is a Broadway actor who has performed in the musical, playing a variety of roles.

“It’s great, he (Paul  Truckey) brings a level of professionalism that I think all students should experience and get a chance to learn from,” Jerimie Newcomb, who plays Inspector Javert said.

“After being involved in the show for so many years, it’s just wonderful to be able to bring it here to the Marquette community and I am getting to play a role I did not play in New York when I did it on Broadway, so it’s been very exciting,” Paul Truckey said.  “I think they are just awesome.  I mean, I sit out in the house sometimes and listen, and it doesn’t sound any different to me than it did in New York.  They are incredible.”

“I love this role because he is the true antagonist of the story, he spent his life chasing Jean Valjean,” Newcomb said.

Tickets are all sold out except for Saturday, but additional performance dates have been added for next weekend.

Tickets can be purchased from the Forest Roberts Theater’s website.