Commission elects Marquette’s new mayor

Marquette’s new mayor took the oath of office at the Marquette City Commission meeting Tuesday night.

Robert Niemi, who was Mayor Pro-Tem, was elected by the Commission to serve as mayor, replacing Johnny DePetro.  Niemi has been on the Commission for five years.

He said he was humbled to be chosen as mayor, but the city will have to deal with big issues coming up.

“Yes, this year as mayor certainly is something I really appreciate and looking forward too,” Niemi said.

“We have a good commission, our community has a lot of challenges coming in the future.  We have a number of veteran commissioners, new commissioners, some young commissioners.  It’s up to us to take those challenges and turn them into opportunities for the city, and I’m confident we can.  We have an excellent staff and excellent city manager.”

Commissioners Sarah Reynolds and Dave Campana also took an oath of office.  Reynolds and Campana replaced DePetro and Jason Schneider.

Niemi said he thinks the two of them will blend in well with the other commissioners.

“We respect everyone’s opinions, and certainly to run for commission it’s a big commitment,” Niemi said. “And we know if you’re going to do that you’re dedicated and you’re going to put the time in.”

“It’ll probably be a little bit of an adjustment period, but I think they’ll catch on very quickly.”

Fred Stonehouse was elected Mayor Pro-Tem.