‘Breaking Bad’ actor talks college, life at NMU

There was large crowd to see the bad boy of cable TV, and he was in Marquette tonight.

Crowds poured in to see Giancarlo Esposito who plays Gus, from the hit cable TV show Breaking Bad.

He spoke of the various reasons why the show was such a success.

“What I like about the show is the great writing, the creation, such great writing, great fine actors, a truth and honest story told in the absurdity of the very real story of breaking bad,” Esposito said.

He also discussed to a no–nonsense approach about college and life.

“Students who are coming to college are coming for very different reasons: pressure from their parents, not knowing what they want to do, pressure to pick a major,” he said.  “I try and let them know that it is the rest of their life they are talking about, they are cultivating a path for the rest of their life.”

“So it’s okay to change your major, it’s okay to change your mind.  Just fall in love with something you really love to do and you will never work a day in your life.”

Breaking Bad lasted five seasons and recently ended its run this fall on AMC.