Aspen Ridge Middle School honors veterans

Veteran’s day isn’t just for a day for those who served, it’s also a day for those to learn about this important holiday.

Students at Aspen Ridge Middle School in Ishpeming Township were treated to a presentation from former members of our military.

They learned about the significance of folding the American Flag, learned the history of Taps and left the gymnasium with a better appreciation for the sacrifices our veterans have made.

“I think it is very important, at a young age, that they learn what veterans do is important for the country,” United States Air Force veteran Dan Landmark said. “They should respect their flag and their country because of the freedoms that they have.”

Three Westwood High School students were honored at the event as well.

Courtney Burke, Tanner Giroux, and Austin Larsen joined the National Guard and have just finished their basic training.