Business owners talk success at LSCP luncheon

Three business owners are making an impact on the economic future of the U.P.

The business owners participated in a panel discussion today. It was part of a quarterly luncheon series put on by the Lake Superior Community Partnership.

It gave other area business owners and future entrepreneurs a chance  to hear words of wisdom and secrets of success. Border Grill owner Dan Torres says, “Start modestly. I think a lot of people want to start big, and we didn’t. We started in a little 900-square-foot building 16 years ago, and we grew into what we have now (three restaurants in Marquette County).”

“If I was someone opening a business today, I would first ask myself if I want a business or ‘am I looking for a job?’, and there is a difference,” says Veridea Real Estate Group owner Bob Mahaney. “If you are looking to start a business and put your own imprimatur on (it) and grow, I would say self-employment is a wonderful way to go, especially in this area, with the growth and potential that we have”.

The panelists expressed optimism about the future growth potential for their businesses and for the region.