Unique education used to teach young children

Early childhood education has taken a big step forward in Marquette.

Discovery Central is an early childhood learning center that believes early childhood education is extremely important and should not be underestimated.  The center uses a unique form of education that is quickly gaining popularity.

“We use the Reggio–Emilia approach here at Discovery Central,” Discovery Central director Sarah Misale said. “The benefits are the children the main source of inspiration for the projects. So it is very much tuned and child–centered. They’re going to learn the most and the highest level of thinking is going to take place when they’re the ones coming up with the ideas for the projects. It is very open–ended and it helps build that foundation for them.”

The Reggio–Emilia inspired curriculum is a child–centered philosophy that gets away from traditional schooling and allows the children to learn things that interest them.

The children become much more involved with their own education when the topic is interesting to them.