Marquette’s Care Clinic helps pregnant teens

The teen pregnancy rate in Michigan has dropped in recent years…but when a U.P. teenager is facing a pregnancy, it can be unclear where to find help.

The Care Clinic in Marquette has been filling that role for pregnant teens for 40 years now.  The clinic operates with a 100% confidentiality clause and helps teens in need–no matter what their situation.

The teens are given emotional support, parenting classes and each teen is assigned a mentor.

“It’s just a wonderful opportunity for anyone in our community that needs parenting skills and also needs someone to walk along side them every step of the way,” Cindy Asher said.

The clinic has more than 150 parenting classes and a special resource closet where pregnant teens can pick out what they want.  Each educational class earns them opportunities to visit the closet to shop.

“We feel that parents don’t want a handout, they want to be able to earn the things for their children and through this baby bucks program they can do just that,” Asher said. “They can earn these baby bucks, then redeem them for diapers, wipes, all the things they might need and there is a sense of accomplishment.”

The center also offers classes for men.

All services at the clinic are free and it operates solely on donations.