Gwinn seeks input from parents on new supt. search

Gwinn Area Community Schools are asking parents to offer up their input before the official search for a new superintendent begins.

Long–time Ishpeming Public Schools Superintendent Stephen Piereson was hired on as the Interim Superintendent in June, with the understanding that he would only serve for one year.

Gwinn’s school board has enlisted the services of the Michigan Association of School Boards to fine–tune their nationwide search with an online survey.

“This association is trying to get the community’s input, the staff’s input,” Gwinn School Board President Gloria Bigelow said.  “In fact, there’s an individual representative here today (Thursday) talking with staff members, so that they can compile that information.”

“Then they’re (the MASB) going to meet with us.  We’ll probably have a meeting later this month and get the board’s input.  Then they will take the combination of the board’s input, the community input, and the staff input to come up with a candidate profile.”

One of the key issues highlighted in the survey and prominently featured in the candidate profile is budget development and management.

Last school year, the district faced a $1.2 million deficit, which led, in part, to the closure of Gilbert Elementary.

All of their students were then relocated to Sawyer Elementary due to the number classrooms and gyms available on campus.

That move nearly recalled four school board members, including Bigelow.

Now, those same parents are being called on for their opinion as to how the district should move forward.

After a consensus has been reached, the board will post the job and begin a six–week search ending on March 14th.

Interim Superintendent Stephen Piereson’s term ends in July 2014.