Benishek: America needs a safe food supply without more regulations

WASHINGTON, DC: Dr. Dan Benishek (MI-01) today urged leaders of the Farm Bill Conference Committee to ensure America has a safe food supply without creating new unnecessary and duplicative regulations that could impact Northern Michigan famers.

“Being a doctor for 30 years, I know the importance of having a safe food supply. We grow a lot of food in Northern Michigan and it means a lot of jobs up here. Our farmers do a great job in delivering safe food products to tables all over Michigan and the nation. And they’ve told me that duplicative new regulations from Washington could cost jobs and jack up the price of food. So instead of a ‘one-size fits all’ plan, we need a balanced approach that protects our food supply and our farmers,” said Dr. Benishek, a general surgeon from Iron River and Michigan’s only member of the House Committee on Agriculture.

Dr. Benishek sent a letter to lawmakers in the Farm Bill Conference Committeeurging them to work with local famers and food safety advocates to protect the nation’s food supply without risking the economic viability of farms in Northern Michigan and throughout the country. House and Senate lawmakers are currently working to compromise on a “farm bill”- legislation that sets agriculture policy for the nation.

The letter sent by Dr. Benishek reads in part: “Throughout this process, I have worked with local farmers and processers in my district, as well as the FDA to ensure that their concerns regarding these new rules are heard.  I have also hosted FDA officials in Michigan so they could see firsthand how hard our farmers work to protect the food that goes on our kitchen tables.  As you continue the legislative process, please keep in mind that a “one-size-fits-all” approach will likely not accommodate all farmers and producers across our vast and varied nation or enhance food safety.”