NMU students win Intel awards

The next popular phone app could be created by a Northern Michigan University students. NMU student were recognized today as part of the Intel Awards competition.  This is the third year the competition has taken place.

The top three winners each received trophies, certificates and $2,000 cash.  The students created apps for use on multiple mobile platforms.  Instructors say they are especially proud, as the students performed under great stress.

Northern Michigan University Instructor John Sarkela says, “What really made me proud of my students was the schedule was the worst possible schedule.  First deliverable was during finals week, the second deliverable was right after New Years’ when they get back from vacation.  In just a few months, they built these amazing distributed applications and still managed to keep their grades up.”

“My favorite part about the contest was getting to learn Android and IOS development which is really cool these days.  There are a lot of people who have just non–chalantly developed apps and they have gotten really successful and made a lot of money on the app store, says Intel Award winner, Joshua Fridstrom, an NMU student.

Students also receive an internship with Intel with the possibility of being offered a job after the internship is over.