Ishpeming road reconstruction

Drivers in Ishpeming have had to find alternate routes when getting around. Some of the main streets are under construction.

Downtown Ishpeming roads are getting some much-needed updates. Second Street and Third Street are the priorities.

The repairs will take a few years to complete. The project includes infrastructure improvements, as well as pothole repairs.

Ishpeming Interim City Manager John Kangas says,”We’re looking at a project in the range of about a million dollars. About a half-million dollars when you look at the road portion of it, along with the infrastructure underneath. Might be a little bit more; we are also considering replacing the water main underneath the MDOT roundabout that is coming in 2016. All of these are so interconnected. My intention is to replace all of the cast-iron water mains underneath any road, so that’s my goal moving forward.”

The funding for the road repairs will come from grants the city has received and others they’re applying for. Matching funds will be needed to complete the projects.