NMU considers going tobacco-free

Northern Michigan University is considering becoming a tobacco–free campus.

Several other colleges in the U. P. have already gone that route, including Finlandia University and Michigan Tech University.  This growing trend has NMU once again looking into making changes regarding their smoking policies.

Students and employees can fill out a survey and share their opinion until Sunday, November 10.

The ban would also include e–cigarettes, but will allow students to smoke in their car with the windows rolled up.

“(A tobacco-free campus would create) a healthier environment for your students, faculty and staff, a cleaner campus,” Director of  Communications at NMU Cindy Paavola said, “and hopefully over the long–term the possibility of lowering healthcare costs.”

“A lot of the students don’t follow the stay 30–feet away from the building to smoke, so there should be some repercussions against that, but I also think it is more beneficial health wise,” NMU student Jordan Paquet said.

“I have multiple different views,” NMU student Kara Jacobi said.  “I think that it would really benefit students like me who don’t smoke and the students that don’t enjoy walking behind smokers and getting the second–hand smoke, but I also think it’s the students right to be able to smoke if that’s their choice.”

“I understand it will be a big hindrance to people who do smoke but it’s really hard to scoot all the way off campus,” NMU student Charlotte Cialek said.  “I really do think that the benefits in this situation would out weigh the negative.”

The survey is just one area that will be taken into account before a final decision is made.

If the tobacco ban is enacted, the changes will not take effect until August of 2014.