Library program encourages family reading

The Peter White Public Library in Marquette has spent the fall season helping parents encourage their kids to enjoy reading.

‘Prime Time Family Reading Time’ is aimed at children from ages 6 through 10. The program has run every Saturday for the last six weeks. Group discussions encourage parents and kids to not only read, but to discuss books as a regular activity.

“It uses stories and discussion to talk about classic literature that involves the children and the parents, and grandparents, and sometimes the aunts and uncles,” Prime Time Family Reading Time coordinator Lynette Suckow said.

This is the fourth year of the program. It takes place in the fall because the school year has begun recently, and because talking about books can increase classroom success.

“We do have several series of books that we can use, so that we can run a program, and then the next year it’s different books, and different books,” Suckow said. “It’s a three–year cycle of reading for the families.”

The program has now wrapped up for the year, but staff members at the Peter White Public Library want to bring it back next September.