Cliffs Women’s Connect donates to Women’s Center

A business in the Upper Peninsula made a donation to help one Marquette County organization Friday afternoon.

Cliffs Women’s Connect is anew group and part of Cliffs Natural Resources.

The group collected items for Marquette’s Women’s Center and Harbor House the month of October, and Friday the group delivered bags full of clothes, toiletries, and other items on the center’s needs list.

“It’s clothes for women and children,” Cliffs Natural Resources District Manager-Public Affairs for Michigan Jennifer Huetter said.  “There’s some bedding, there’s also some housewares involved in there, and we encouraged our women in the professional world to donate business clothing and suits, and they did that as well.

“Thank you, thank you to Cliffs, this is really wonderful.  We really appreciate it,” Women’s Center Board Member Sally May said.  “And we look forward to working with Women’s Connection at Cliffs in the future.”

CWC is a fairly new group, and the donation to the Women’s Center was its first.

The group wanted to donate to the Women’s Center because both groups focus on empowering women.

“One of the main reasons behind Cliffs Women’s Connect is to help empower and encourage women, and that’s exactly the force behind the Women’s Center,” Huetter said.  “It’s a really good fit for us, and we’re proud to support it.”

“There’s still an effort–especially by the Women’s Connect that has been established at Cliffs–to get more women involved,” May said.  “These are really good paying jobs, and a lot of our clients are single parents and they need good paying jobs.  Many of them want to be working in non-traditional jobs so we’re just delighted to have their (CWC’s) support.”

Cliffs also presented the Women’s Center and Harbor House with two $500 dollar checks from the unions at the Tilden and Empire Mines.