Ringing bells for hospice

Bells for Hospice rang in Marquette Friday.  Lake Superior Hospice and the Upper Peninsula Home Health and Hospice joined forces to celebrate national Hospice Awareness month.

Bells for Hospice is in its third year.  The event recognizes all that have passed away and acknowledges the family members.

Hospice offers quality care at the end of life but continues to care for the entire family after the loved one is gone.

“It’s just a great time to raise awareness, it brings together the whole community, several different faith communities join us in this,” CEO of Lake Superior Hospice Carol Carr said.  “It’s a really nice time for people to get together and remember and support one another.  It’s a great event.”

“Although Hospice is better in terms of awareness, it still has the connotation of ‘end of life care’ and it’s so much more than that.  It’s a safety net of services, a whole group of experts,” CEO of Upper Peninsula Home Health & Hospice Jeff Nyquist said.