Keeping pets safe this Halloween

This Halloween, many four–legged animals will be dressing up and taking part in the holiday.

While you are monitoring how much candy your kids are eating, it is equally–if not more–important to make sure your pets are not eating any candy.

Feeding pets candy and sweets can do more harm than good.

“Chocolate is very difficult for them to process and we can have toxicity with the chocolate and caffeine,” Animal Medical Center of Marquette Veterinarian Kellie Holmstrom said.  They will end up with diarrhea, hyper–active and worst case scenario, they will die.”

It is not just chocolate you need to worry about–sugar-free candy is also toxic for pets.

If your pet does get its paws on some candy, call a veterinarian immediately.

Remember to not let your pet run outside when trick–or–treaters come to your door.  If you do not want to tie them up, make sure you keep them distracted.

“The best thing to do is get a treat or a ball and throw it so the dog runs to a different part of the house,” Holmstrom said.