Spa adds fitness component

Lakeshore Skin Care has been expanding since it opened three years ago.  It started offering skincare treatments, but the business has grown to offer manicures, massages and fitness classes.   T–R–X and paddle fit are some of the fitness classes that are offered.

Lakeshore Fitness only began in June, and many of the clients that come for skin treatments have participated in the fitness programs too.

“Slowly we have been adding more services, and adding class times and really catering to the clients needs of earlier classes, lunchtime classes, and evening classes,” Fitness instructor Grace Petschauer said.

“We have people who have just started, and we have people who have been at it for a long time, and we have people ranging from twenty (years–old) up to sixty and seventy (years–old),” Lakeshore Skin Care’s Managing Director Tina Neil said.  “So it’s really a wide range and we’re very accepting of new people, and it’s a fun atmosphere.”

One thing that makes Lakeshore Skin Care unique is it’s ability to be flexible and work with their client’s schedules.

“You have somebody coming in for a massage and they see that there’s yoga and they’ll stay for yoga or somebody’s getting their nails done and they see the fitness classes going on,” Neil said.  “We really see people all the way through.”

“Fitness and taking care of yourself is a lifestyle,” Petschauer said.  “It can’t just be something you decide to do for a month.  You do it for a month and then you’ll go back to step one, right where you started.”

“Having this side of things, the fitness, and also having the skin care side, it really incorporates a healthy lifestyle overall inside and out, ” she added.

For more information on what Lakeshore Skin Care offers, you can visit www.lakeshore–