Music education group trains instructors

There’s a growing amount of research that children who play a musical instrument or are regularly exposed to music do better in school than other kids. They may also be less likely to get into trouble outside the classroom.

A Marquette-based nonprofit group is trying to bring those benefits to kids who might be missing out on them.

Music For All Kids provides music lessons to young people who otherwise couldn’t afford them. The group is working with Marquette Alternative High School, and is trying to work with the YMCA of Marquette County, to start programs in both locations.

“There’s very little room left for any of the arts in schools, so I believe that it’s our job as a community to provide those programs for our youth to have the same ability and education as anyone else,” Music For All Kids director and founder Shane Murray said.

About 15 people received training over the weekend so that they can join Music For All Kids as instructors. The group hopes to make the instructor training an annual event.

“We have teachers, we have social workers, we have already(-practicing) music instructors that are just moving up to the program,” Murray said. “We had everyone from a child psychologist come in, to a full band, to come and teach us.”

Music For All Kids is also looking for donations of both money and musical instruments. MacDonald’s Music Store on North Third Street in Marquette can accept either type of donation anytime the store is open. Murray is asking anyone writing a check to make it out to ‘MFAK/CTI’.

More information about the program is available online or by calling (906) 235-5163.