Marquette rolls out new management software

The Marquette City Commission held a work session Wednesday morning to kick off a new online legislative management program that is being phased in.

Marquette is the first city in the Upper Peninsula to utilize the software and its capabilities.

The same program is already in use in major cities such as Chicago and New York City.  The launch of the online system marks the next step for government interaction with itself and the public.

“It’s a system that allows us to track, for the last ten years and upcoming into the future, how our meetings of all of our commissions, of all of our departments, and subjects within them move and how the decisions are made,” Marquette City Commissioner Jason Schneider said.  “It allows people to be able to track the minutes, the discussion around it, the actions that have been taken on it throughout the entire process.”

“People can go in–not only today–and historically and find out, for example: a specific park that they care about and get an email alert or agenda alert on when that item comes up or see what the progression path has been within the city process as well and having all that supporting documents with them,” software presenter James Bonneville said.  “So, rather than contacting city staff or a commissioner, they can empower themselves to go on that website and find this information.”

The program will also provide a more controlled environment for members of the commission where agenda items and information will be accessible anytime.

Official use of the software began Wednesday morning.

A link to the program and tutorial videos is to be set up on the city of Marquette’s website in the near future.