One Night Stands discusses teen dating, sex

Talking to your teen about dating, sex and pregnancy can be terrifying for some parents.  What if you had the help of experts who make it fun by using other teens, skits and music videos?

The Silver Ring Project’s One Night Stand will be in Marquette for one day, but it could be one day that can make a long–lasting impact and change lives.

“This can impact generations to come and if children learn the value of purity until marriage that will protect them from sexually transmitted diseases and we are concerned about the whole health of each client that we serve,” Marquette’s Care Clinic Director Cindy Asher said.

The One Night Stand show tours the country and stops in Marquette Wednesday.  It will be held at the Lake Superior Christian Church near the Crossroads in Sands Township.

The event is free, but registration is necessary.  It includes a session for parents and for teens.

The Silver Ring Thing Project stays in contact with students through social media until they are married.