Explosive charges dismissed in Delta Co.

James Bugg
James Bugg, 28

A 28–year old Rapid River man accused of attempting to make an explosive device has had charges against him dismissed.

James Bugg was scheduled for a jury trial in January in Delta County Circuit Court.

He was charged with ‘attempted possession/manufacture of an explosive or incendiary device with malicious intent.’

At a motions hearing, the defense argued that the evidence presented during a District Court preliminary examination showed that there was not enough evidence to rule it was an *attempt* to build a bomb.

The prosecution’s argument was that, by the evidence gathered  from Bugg’s home—including  hollowed out fire extinguishers and firecrackers—it showed the defendant was making an effort towards manufacturing a bomb.

Gun power was also found in Bugg’s resident, but Circuit Court ruled it was unrelated to the defendants actions.

The prosecution is still investigating the case and could bring the same or new charges against Bugg at a later time.

Bugg was arrested in June, 2013 at his home in Masonville Township after a joint investigation between the  Gladstone Post of the Michigan State Police, the FBI and ATF.

He allegedly made threats on the internet to build an explosive device and attempt to harm people at a public venue.