High schooler hosts child abuse awareness event

A sophomore at Marquette Senior High School spent Saturday raising local awareness of child abuse.

Bailey Inch organized an event at Lakenenland in Harvey.

He and his family pulled together an afternoon of outdoor fun, with a cookout, refreshments and hayrides, free of charge, on a week’s notice.

Bailey is a dedicated sports fan. A personal tragedy in the life of one of the NFL’s best known players inspired him to act. “Adrian Peterson’s son that recently died,” Bailey said. “He was two years old, and I thought that was just very tragic and sad that somebody would beat a kid to death. Getting people (to come out for the child abuse event) is a big thing so that we can kind of stop it a little bit. I know we can’t stop it completely.”

One of Peterson’s sons died in South Dakota on October 11th, two days after allegedly being beaten by his mother’s boyfriend.

Child abuse information posters and information about where victims can seek help were spread throughout much of the Lakenenland sculpture park on Saturday.