New exhibit celebrating worldwide art

A new art exhibit at the DeVos Museum is celebrating worldwide art.

The exhibit is titled “Illustrators 55: The Society of Illustrators Annual Travel Show”.  It features 46 pieces of works from artists across the world.

Works on display may look familiar.  These pieces have been featured in magazine and newspaper publications, calendars, and other forms of  advertisements for major corporations.

“It’s really a nice sampling of book artwork, editorial artwork; we have a little bit of animation,”Director of the DeVos Art Museum Melissa Matuscak said.  “So it’s work that you may have seen out there, and you wonder who is doing this work and how people come up with these ideas? And so this is really a chance to those illustrations first hand.”

One of the featured artists, John Hendrix, will be visiting the museum and speaking about his works at the end of the month.

This showing of the Society of Illustrators Annual Travel Show marks its 55th year in existence.