Webinar makes doing business more convenient


Tele-commuting is taking on a whole new meaning in Upper Michigan…and it may be a time-saver as well as a money-saver.

To take the stress off members rushing to make a meeting, the Lake Superior Community Partnership held it’s first webinar session today.  The Investor Briefing meeting is usually held face–to–face at a designated location.  Today, it was face–to–computer.

The interactive meeting gave members all of the same benefits.  Questions get real–time responses, but participants never have to leave the office.

Betsy Morais, Director of Marketing and Communications for the Lake Superior Community Partnership said, “We decided to do the webinar online to give our partners a chance to be able to sit at their desks and watch and participate from there instead of having to leave their office for an hour and go  to a location and participate.”  It will be more cost effective for us.  We had to rent a space before but this way we just pay for the software but we hope to be able to use it for other presentations.”

Webinar participation is simple: you enter your name and register.  Then, you click–on a link provided to view the live presentation computer.  The session can also be set up as a dial-in by telephone.

Find out more through the Lake Superior Community Partnership online at www.marquette.org.