Benishek votes ‘yes’ to reopen the U. S. government

WASHINGTON, DC: Dr. Dan Benishek (MI-01) today released the following statement after voting in support of legislation to reopen the federal government and prevent the nation from defaulting:

“Being a doctor for the last 30 years, I’ve always looked for solutions and the best way to help people. So today, I supported a bipartisan compromise that will reopen the government and prevent the country from defaulting. Northern Michigan families deserve a government that’s open and running. They also deserve to have their finances secure and not be put at risk by a government default.

While this bill isn’t perfect, I believe it’s in the best interest of hard-working citizens in Northern Michigan and everyone interested in keeping the nation’s debt in check. I’m deeply concerned that a default could lead to higher interest rates and even a larger national debt. We can’t let that happen. Moms and dads up here in Michigan shouldn’t be hurt just because Washington can’t get its act together.

I know people are frustrated with what has happened. So am I. Frustration with Washington and the crushing debt are why I ran for this office in the first place. I want to see both sides work together on long-term ideas that will create jobs, reduce the wasteful spending, and give our kids a shot at a better future.”