Rabbit Island exhibit now open

If you’ve been in Michigan very long, you may be familiar with the material at a new exhibit at the DeVos Art Museum: it’s called “Rabbit Island.”  It’s part of a residency program that has been in existence since 2010.  The Rabbit Island area is a 91 acre forested island in Lake Superior off the Keweenaw Peninsula that stands upon solid bedrock.  The area  has never been developed or subdivided.

This exhibition looks back on the past three years of projects created on the island.

“The artists on display here are from all over the world'” says Melissa Matuscak, director of the DeVos Art Museum. “We’ve had artists from London, artists from New York and San Francisco. We have a few films on display from artists who made some films while they were on the island. We have sculpture, fabric work, it’s really amazing to see in one space the way the island has inspired different artists in different ways.”

A catalog is available at this exhibition for those looking to take home a personal keepsake.

The official residency program for the exhibit is set to launch in 2014 with a mission to serve as a platform for science, art, preservation and recreation for the generations.  More information about the Rabbit Island program can be found at www.rabbitisland.org.