Protesters rally at Benishek’s Marquette office

Senate leaders say there is a deal to end the partial government shutdown and avoid a possible U.S. default, but that announcement did not stop a planned protest in Upper Michigan.

Protestors rallied Wednesday outside Congressman Dan Benishek’s office in downtown Marquette.

They called themselves ‘working families’ and say they want an end to the government shutdown.  They also want the politicians to stop ‘playing politics’ and power games and concentrate on the pensions, social security, and the country’s debt issues.

“My question is this, we have more poor people in this country than we have ever had, more people unemployed, but we also have more rich and mega rich, so where did the 17 trillion (dollars) go?” Retired veteran Jim Alderson said.

“We have a budget that has been cutting and cutting and cutting and it’s time our senators here in Michigan take a real lead, take a close look at those corporate tax loop holes,” Michigan Citizen Action member Linda Teeter said.  “Have the wealthiest pay their fare share.  Particularly the loophole that offshores jobs.”

“We sent Benisheck to congress and we sent a problem when we were looking for a solution,” Alderson said.

ABC 10 reached out to Congressman Benishek on this story.

Kyle Bonini, Communications Director, for Congressman Dan Benishek released the following statement on the lawmaker’s behalf this afternoon:

“Dr. Benishek always welcomes input from citizens in Northern Michigan. Dr. Benishek shares the frustration many families in the U.P. have with what’s been happening in Washington.  Dr. Benishek is hopeful that a bipartisan deal being worked on in Congress today will reopen the government and prevent the nation from defaulting. Being a surgeon for the past three decades, Dr. Benishek is used to working with others and making tough decisions. That’s the way he would like to see Washington work too.”