LaCosse running for Negaunee Mayor

We’re halfway through October and that means election season is just around the corner.

Marquette County’s Republican Party tapped Keith LaCosse as their top candidate for mayor of Negaunee. They wanted to give the public a better feel for their nominee with a “Meet and Greet” at the Union Station Depot. LaCosse already has two years of experience as a Negaunee City Council Member under his belt. The former volunteer firefighter and NMU grad talked with prospective voters about some of the glaring issues he hopes to overcome if elected to office.

“We want to look at creating new revenue for the city to lessen the burden on the residents. The way you do that is through a business-friendly environment,” explained LaCosse, who has been a Negaunee resident since 2000. “Whether it’s ordinance or what not, we have to make it so that entrepreneurs want to come here. Why do they want to set up shop here in Negaunee?”

LaCosse believes it’s a number of hallmarks within the city:

Negaunee’s “School of Choice” education system, which has swelled to the point where Lakeview Elementary had to expand; the natural beauty of the Heritage Trail and the surrounding lakes; and the slew of homegrown festivals like Pioneer Days.

But, there are problem areas that need to be addressed, like the deteriorating roads and facades in the downtown district.

“Blight obviously being the biggest one because we have some buildings that are crumbling. It’s unfortunate that we have such beautiful architecture that has fallen by the way side. I think it could be a valuable asset, actually, if we’re able to fix that up or get rid of the stuff that’s not fixable.”

LaCosse plans on attempting to revitalize the heart of the city with state and federal grants. The former Iraqi war veteran will be on the ballot come November 5th.