Hunter education field day

The Michigan DNR worked with a local gun club Sunday to offer safety training for new hunters.

The Negaunee Rod & Gun Club hosted a DNR hunter education field day.

Hunting is very safe if it’s enjoyed properly, but anyone born in 1960 or later must complete a safety course before buying a Michigan hunting license.

“Incidents do happen, and fatalities do occur,” Cpl. Ryan Rademacher of the Michigan DNR Law Enforcement Division said. “That’s what we’re trying to deal with here, get folks familiar with how to handle firearms and handle them safely at all times.”

The most important safety tips include not handling any firearm until you’ve made sure it’s not loaded and keeping fingers off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot.

“Even when you make sure that it’s not loaded, you need to treat the firearm as if it were, continuing (with) muzzle control and proper gun handling,” Cpl. Rademacher said.

A field day is a requirement for completing a Michigan online or home-study hunter education course.

The DNR and Gogebic Community College offered a field day in Ironwood on Saturday.