Marquette marches against Monsanto

Marquette area residents marched in protest of genetically modified foods and a company that profits from those foods. Monsanto is one of the world’s leading producers of genetically modified seeds.

The March Against Monsanto movement formed earlier this year. It’s trying to boost awareness of genetically modified organisms, or GMO’s. Many countries require foods made from GMO’s to be labeled, but the U.S. does not.

“Congress couldn’t have anything to do with the lobbyists, spending $2 billion,” march organizer Zelda Ziemer said. “They don’t want to see; they don’t think it’s necessary to label these foods. It’s essential.”

The Food and Drug Administration says foods made from GMO’s must meet the same safety standards as foods that aren’t made from them. Opponents say the risks of GMO’s are still largely unknown.

“ConAgra, Bayer, Nestle Foods, some of these huge corporations, they all use genetically–modified ingredients, and they do a very good job (of) covering up those genetically–modified foodstuffs,” Ziemer said.

March Against Monsanto events took place Saturday in 47 U.S. states and in more than 50 other countries.