Performance rally event affected by gov’t shutdown

The Lake Superior Region Car Club, which hosts the Lake Superior Performance Rally, has been impacted by the recent government shutdown. The forced closure of federal lands has affected rally racing event scheduled for October 18-19 in Houghton.

Organizers have constructed an alternative two-day event schedule that will operate on roads not affected by the federal closure.

LSPR organizers had permission to use Ottawa Forest roads near Kenton, but were recently told by the U.S. Forest Service Office in Kenton that the permit was invalid if the Federal Government remained unfunded.

The new LSPR event schedule will reuse Saturday’s stages for a total of 96 miles, a decrease of 29 miles. The event will still take place in Covington.

Organizers will keep the alternate schedule in the event that the shutdown ceases prior to the running of the LSPR.

Information will be updated on and