NMU brings domestic violence awareness to campus

A group at Northern Michigan University is doing its unique part to bring awareness to domestic violence.

With October being domestic violence awareness month, the Health Promotion Office teamed up the Women’s Center to put on a display for college students. The group hung custom–designed shirts on a clothesline.

Along with the shirts, the group placed informational packets and brochures to hand out to the students.

“My goal for being on campus is the college student age group, anywhere between the ages 18 to 24, is the high risk population for being in dating relationships that are unhealthy,” Women’s Center youth advocate Amy Kordus said. “A lot of the time we don’t think about where we get messages about what dating means and what healthy relationships are. We get those from people in our lives, the community and the media. We really want to try and spread awareness about what healthy relationships look like and just knowing it does happen on campuses. It does happen in Michigan and it does happen in the U.P.”

Different colors symbolized different meanings.

White shirts were for woman who died from violence. Yellow shirts represented women who have been assaulted and blue shirts represented women survivors of child sexual abuse.