Food banks in need of donations

The food shortage for Upper Peninsula food banks continues.

The Salvation Army, local food banks, and charitable organizations are still in need of donations.

Delivery trucks sat motionless Thursday as AMCAB was unable to deliver its monthly food delivery to the 450 families they serve.

“They receive a forty pound box of food to carry them through the month, and right now that program has stopped until the government starts back up, because the funds have run out,” AMCAB’s Lori Stephens-Brown said.  “We notified all the sights where they pick up but I would really hate to have someone drive to the sight and find out it was closed down.”

If you can even donate one can–or even $1–it can go a long way.  $1 can provide five meals.

Non–perishable food items such as macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, as well as toiletries, baby food, and diapers are needed.

You can also drop off donations at any Secretary of State Office until November 27.