Electric company warns of phone scam

Cloverland Electric is warning its members about a recent phone scam where callers are claiming to be members of the co-op.

The co-op was contacted Thursday afternoon about the scam from business owners in Sault Ste. Marie.  The owners had received calls from a caller demanding payment for electric bills and threatened to disconnect service.  The caller falsely states that he is from Cloverland Electric Co-op, and is asking to speak with the business owner or management to make payment arrangements.

The calls are coming from an 816 Missouri area code.

“Our members did absolutely the right thing. They notified the co-op and did not giving the scammer any personal or financial information,” Director of Communications and Member Services Wendy Malaska said in a press release.

Cloverland Electric is encouraging members to call them at 1-800-562-4953 for verification if there are any questions about the nature of the call, or the caller’s identity.  They also encourage people to notify local law enforcement agencies if the call or caller seems suspicious.

Cloverland reported the incidents to the Michigan State Police.