NMU hosts presentation on election laws

Northern Michigan University hosted a special presentation this afternoon. The event addressed the need for transparency in election ads.

Jocelyn Benson is the dean of Wayne State University Law School. She gave a speech to the public about her thoughts on election laws and how those laws should be modified to protect voters from special interest groups gaining too much control on elections.

“In our democracy, it is critical that citizens are informed and engaged in a lot of ways,” Wayne State University Law School Dean Jocelyn Benson said. “Money and lobbying is dampening the citizen’s role in the democratic process. So I am going to be talking about how we are going to be changing that. The issue of campaign finance laws and money influencing our political process truly affects everybody. Finding out who is listening and who is trying to influence our elected officials is critical for voters to stay informed and holding their government accountable.”

Benson’s presentation is one part of the President’s Critical Issues Conversation series at NMU. The next event in the series will host Michigan Lt. Governor Brian Calley on Friday, November 1.