Career Fair hosted by NMU

Northern Michigan University students had the chance to meet with business vendors at a career fair in Marquette today.

The 46th annual fall job fair took place at the University Center. More than 70 business were represented at the fair. Students coming from a wide variety of majors packed the Great Lakes Conference room as they met with an even greater variety of businesses.

NMU Career Services said the event is a win–win for everyone involved.

“Well the success of the program is really based on those employers having opportunities and our students who are willing to talk with those employers, make those contacts, do the interviews and get those jobs,” NMU’s Career Services director, Jim Gadzinski said. “Obviously that has helped our placement rate tremendously. We have a number of employers that come back year, after year, after year because they like to hire Northern grads.”

ABC 10 was among the businesses set up at the job fair. Others included hardware stores, insurance companies and law enforcement agencies from the upper Midwest.