Restaurant offers free breakfast for students

One restaurant chain is offering a special promotion to Upper Peninsula students taking the MEAP test.

McDonald’s restaurants in the U.P. will give students who are taking the MEAP test free breakfasts between 6:30 and 9:30 Tuesday morning.

The restaurant is doing the promotion to ensure kids are full before taking the test.

“They just need to come in and be accompanied by a parent or adult,” Department Manger at McDonald’s Melissa Weymier said.  “There are three items that they are restricted to: egg muffins, egg white delights, or oatmeal.  And they have a choice of milk, either white or chocolate, and orange juice.”

“Every kid needs to have a healthy breakfast in the morning, and this way we can ensure that they get one before they take their MEAP tests tomorrow.”

Weymier said the McDonald’s in Ishpeming is expecting a lot of students tomorrow and the restaurant will be fully staffed to accommodate the customers.

To participate in the promotion, all students must eat inside the restaurant and be accompanied by a parent or adult.