NMU hosts conservative campaign workshop

The Washington, D.C.-based Leadership Institute says most Americans are so busy that we pay little attention to politics and don’t remember what we hear.

Northern Michigan University’s College Republicans hosted the institute for a campaign management workshop “basically to train conservatives in a variety of different ways, such as voter outreach, social media and developing an effective campaign message,” Marquette County Republican Party secretary Justin Carlson said.

The workshop taught that politics is war; even people who would normally be allies can attack you from time to time, and the attacks can be bitter and personal. It also provided a brief explanation of how social psychology may illustrate differences between liberals and conservatives.

“We actually have a few local candidates here from Marquette,” Carlson said. “Hopefully, they’ll improve their campaign skills and success in the future.”

It even addressed how to attract attention from the news media.

“The Leadership Institute is doing kind of a nationwide tour with different workshops and seminars, so we’re just glad that they could make the stop here,” Carlson said.

The Leadership Institute says it’s been teaching conservatives how to succeed in public policy since 1979.