New flashing arrow signals installed in two U.P. cities

The Michigan Department of Transportation has installed new flashing yellow arrow signals in Escanaba and Iron Mountain.

The lights were installed on U.S. 2/U.S. 41/M-35 at Danforth Road and 5th Avenue North in Escanaba and U.S. 2 at H Street in Iron Mountain.

MDOT says the new signals will regulate traffic making left turns onto city streets.  National studies have shown that the flashing yellow light arrow signal is safer for drivers.

The new yellow arrow signals will be required at all intersections that currently have a separate left-turn arrow signal, and are currently being introduced nationwide.

There are four lights on the signal and four phases.  Phase one consists of a flashing yellow arrow, which allows traffic to turn left when oncoming traffic is clear.  This is similar to a flashing red signal in a turn lane.  Oncoming traffic will have a green light during this phase.

In the second phase, a steady green arrow will allow traffic to turn left.

Phase three has a steady yellow arrow, warning drivers that the signal will soon turn red.  Drivers in this phase should prepare to stop or prepare to complete the left turn if they are in the intersection and no traffic is present.

The final phase is a steady red arrow that requires drivers in the left turn lane to stop.

More information on the signal can be found on MDOT’s website.