Preschoolers learn at Children’s Museum

The U.P. Children’s Museum has a new play group that should help parents develop life skills in their preschool-age kids.

The Early Learners program kicked off four weeks of skill-building this morning at the museum. It takes place every thursday for four weeks.

The first week is about fear, and the museum’s play space is used to help youngsters conquer certain types of fear.

“A lot of children have a fear of snakes, like the one that’s on my head currently, so we’re going to set up activities where there’s going to be staff and myself holding animals like this,” Children’s Museum floor facilitator Cole Swiston said.

The four Early Learners sessions  each last for 90 minutes. The cost for the whole program is $15, and that includes admission to the museum for all four days.

“We’re going to do encouraging patience one week, building confidence (in the third week) and then we kind of thought the fourth week of the months would be a combination of those three themes that we’ve built in the three previous weeks,” Swiston said.

The Children’s Museum is putting on Early Learners with help from the NMU Student Leader Fellowship Program. The museum will also run the program in November and January.