World Reading Day is Wednesday

October 2nd is World Reading Day. The occasion encourages adults and kids to turn off their electronics and enjoy a book together.

Education instructors say to stop and look at the pictures while you’re reading, and ask your child how they would solve the problem.

You don’t want to just read to them, but make it an activity you do together.

“Reading offers so many benefits to young children,” Anna Nippert of Kansas State University’s early education program said. “We obviously immediately think of the literacy awareness, but starting reading books at a very young age gives parents the opportunity to really have that one-on-one interaction. What we do know about children is that they can become passive very quickly, and so, if you are just reading the words, it’s very easy for children to zone out.”

Making the reading interactive makes for a better learning opportunity.

Nippert says another great way to get them more involved is to pretend to be the various characters and act the stories out.