U.P. effects of government shutdown

While U.P. residents will still receive mail delivery, other federal programs and offices are either downsized or shuttered today.

Upper Michigan tourism may also feel the effects of the government closure.  The National Park Services’ contingency plan states that, “in the event of a shutdown all activities at the parks, except for necessary emergency services, would be immediately suspended and the parks would be closed indefinitely.”

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Not only would the public be unable to enter the parks, visitors currently camping or staying in a national park would be ordered to leave within two days and all roads leading to the parks would be closed.

The Social Security Administration office in downtown Marquette has a limited staff on duty and is referring clients to the regional office in Chicago.  Phone calls by ABC 10 personnel resulted in an email reply with the following link where you can find more information about SSA shutdown procedures:


The Veteran’s Affairs medical clinic in Marquette at the medical center on West Fair Avenue is open – because of a pre-existing contract to maintain that service.   Other VA-related offices may be closed.  Officials recommend calling ahead to confirm appointments.

The Jacobetti Home for Veterans is a Michigan-funded facility and is not affected by the U.S. government shutdown.

The Internal Revenue Office in Marquette was closed, but there is no signage in regard to the shutdown.

U.S. District Court offices are locked and vacant at the facility in Marquette.

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