Subaru Rally Racing Team practices in Marquette County

A national rally car racing team put in some practice time in the U–P in this morning in Marquette County before their championship event.

The Subaru Rally Team USA held a practice session on Marquette County road similar to the one they will be racing on next month. The team works on everything from learning the broad conditions of the landscape to very specific details on their ride.

“Well, different events call for different priorities,” Subaru Rally Team driver David Higgins said. “Some rally tests that we go to are about making sure we got the right tires for the right conditions. Sometimes it’s about the suspension. Today it’s a little bit about a basic setup for suspension for all the different geometry of the car. Then tomorrow we will move into more specific and focus on fine tuning the car for the rally itself. Today is more of a general test to try new things out for next season as well.”

The Subaru Rally Team worked with Marquette County officials to have the road available to them for practice without having unknowing community members get in the way. Higgins and co–driver Craig Drew said they appreciate all of the kind people who have allowed