Caspian man pleads guilty to felony charges

A Caspian man could be headed to prison for a prolonged sentence after pleading guilty to felony charges.

Daniel Pollock
Daniel Pollock

Daniel Pollock, 24, received a dangerous weapons felony charge back in June after officers found brass knuckles in his possession–a violation of his parole.

The court bumped that count down to an attempted dangerous weapons felony charge, which Pollock, in turn, pled guilty to.

If convicted, Pollock could spend up to five years in jail or receive a $2,500 fine.

Pollock also spent time in District Court recently, pleading guilty to a stolen property misdemeanor charge, which has a potential 93 day jail sentence.

A seat belt enforcement traffic stop in June led to all of these charges, when Michigan State Police Troopers found items in Pollock’s car that matched the description of property that had been stolen from the Iron County Cemetery back in May.

Pollock will be sentenced for both charges in Iron County Circuit Court on October 15.